Belsize Park Minibus Hire | NW3 Coach Hire

Belsize Park Minibus Hire | NW3 Coach Hire

The city of London, England is a bustling metropolis with a diverse population, seemingly endless things to do and locations to visit, and an atmosphere that never seems to stay the same for very long. When traveling in such an unpredictable city, you-along with, if any, those in your travel party-are unavoidably faced with transportation needs through and around the city of London. London, of course, offers several transportation options. You may hop on an iconic double decker bus. You may simply walk to your destination. You can hail a public cab. Or, you can make your way under the city and travel on the famous underground tube. Another transportation option that you and your travel group may wish to consider is a private car or minibus hire.

Indeed, when visiting-or, if not visiting, navigating around-London, you will find several areas of the town to which and from which you will more than likely desire transpiration. An example of one of these locations is the Belsize Park area of the city, located in the London Borough of Camden. Belsize Park is located in both the ward of Belsize as well as Hampstead Town. The area of Belsize Park certainly has several attractions that may appeal to visitors and locals alike. These locations include:

  • Pubs, Cafes, and Restaurants along Haverstock Hill as well as England's Lane

  • An historic air raid shelter from the World War II era

  • Regent's Park, home to five rugby teams of the Belsize Park area, some of the most centrally located league rugby in London

As you can see, when you and your travel party visit the Belsize Park area of London, you can find a number of fun things to do, from enjoying a meal at a Haverstock Hill restaurant or pub, to examining the remnants of history at the air raid shelter, or enjoying an exciting game of rugby at Regent's Park.

When you or your group decides to visit-or leave-Belsize Park from or to another area of London, you might consider a private car hire from Minibus Hire in London. Minibus Hire in London is a private transportation services offering options to satisfy the needs of almost any solo traveler or travel group. Indeed, from 4 seater cars to multiple minibus options and a 49 seat motor coach, this Belsize Park minibus hire service with drivers operate 24 hours a day in and around London.