Belvedere Minibus Hire | DA17 Coach Hire

Belvedere Minibus Hire | DA17 Coach Hire

The city of London, England offers its visitors and locals alike an eclectic metropolitan area that is ever changing. Because of the city's dynamic nature, London presents its locals and visitors seemingly innumerable things to do and landmarks to see. When you and, if applicable, your travel party wish to see as many of these places and things as you possibly can, you are often forced to make a decision in regard to the best transportation option based on the needs of you and your group. You may choose to simply walk to your destination, depending on the area's walkability and your destination's proximity to your current location. You may opt to hail a public cab to take you to your destination. Or, you may choose to navigate London's iconic public transit system, represented above ground by the iconic double decker buses and underground by the London tube. A fourth transportation option of which you and your group may not be aware is the option of private transportation hire services, such as those offered by Minibus Hire in London.

Indeed, as you explore London, you may find yourself in a number of distinct locations and neighborhoods, such as Belvedere. Belvedere is located in south east London in the Borough of Bexley. It is approximately 19 kilometers east south east of Charing Cross. The culture, architecture, and atmosphere is reminiscent of the eras of Victoria and Edward. The area is known for its Victorian and Edwardian charm. Some landmarks in Belvedere you may explore include:

  • Brick villas from the Victorian and Edwardian eras

  • Several pubs and restaurants including The Eardley Arms, The Vic, The Royal Standard, and The Fox

  • A "Splash Park" built on the grounds of the old Victorian paddling pool

As you can see, a visit to London can certainly be enriched by an excursion to Belvedere. Enjoy the charm and history of the Victorian and Edwardian periods in the designs of the buildings. Enjoy a day of wet fun at the Splash Park. Whatever your reason for visiting Belvedere, a Belvedere minibus hire could well be the best option for the transportation needs of you and your group. Indeed, Minibus Hire in London offers private transportation options for groups of many sizes. It offers cars, minibuses of various capacities, and motor coaches with drivers 24 hours a day with access all over London.