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Brent Minibus Hire | HA9 Coach Hire

Getting to Know the Brent Borough of London with a Minibus

Next time you find yourself in the northern part of London, head over to Brent. Brent is home to some of the best attractions in London, so whether you live here already or you're just visiting, make your way up to see some of these cool spots:

  • Wembley Stadium

  • Wembley Arena

  • Tricycle Theatre

  • Fryent Country Park

  • Kensal Flea Market

Wembley Stadium and Arena are some of the most highly-visited attractions in all of London. Let's imagine this scenario: You decide that you and your family want to go take a look at these sights. You all pile in the car, but the crowds of cars on the London streets make getting there a pain. You finally show up in a bad mood and now odds are you won't be able to find parking. After driving around for another 20 minutes you finally find a place to park, but you have to pay tons of money for it. On top of this, it's probably still blocks away and you'll have to walk to the event. This only makes the night worse. If you hire a minibus, you can avoid this entire nightmare.

Minibuses are great for any type of event. If you're going sightseeing in the city of having a night out, consider all of the amenities you'll receive with our company:

1 - 24-hour service. You don't have to worry about not having a ride when you want to stay up late or get up early. We can take care of you any time of the day.

2 - Personable and knowledgeable drivers. Our drivers know London better than just about anyone, so feel free to ask them to take you anywhere.

3 - Vehicles that seat almost any party size. Don't worry if you're travelling alone or with 70 other people because our vehicles will work for you.

4 - Multiple pick up and drop off locations. We know you'll be bringing along friends and family, so just give your driver the addresses and they'll take you any number of places.

Here is when people start to worry that this will be too expensive, but you can easily get cheap minibuses with Minibus Hire in London. Book online for a 25 percent discount and get moving!