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Many travelers from around the earth certainly have London, England on their list of places to visit. With its diverse population, impressive number of culturally significant landmarks, and an ever changing list of things to do, London presents an exciting atmosphere for visitors and locals alike. When visiting-or, if you live in London, simply commuting-the city, you and your travel party are certainly faced with the decision of which modes of transportation you will utilize in the city. You may choose simply to walk to your destination if it is within a manageable distance. You may hire a public cab. You and your group may opt to utilize London’s iconic public transit system, in the form of either a double decker bus or the underground tube. Another mode of transportation you may consider is a private car or minibus hire from a company such as Minibus Hire in London.

Indeed, when you visit London, you will doubtless visit many distinct locations in the exciting metropolis. However, any trip to London will almost certainly at some point include a visit to Cannon Street. Indeed, Cannon Street has historically been considered the nucleus of London. It runs parallel to the River Thames in the southern part of the city. Cannon Street tube station is central to the operation of the London Underground. Cannon Street begins at the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, eventually meeting Queen Victoria Street and King William Street. Cannon Street formed part of the marathon course for the 2012 London Olympics. It boats 8 pubs around its area, one of the largest concentrations of pubs in the area of London.

Indeed, a day that begins on Cannon Street can truly end anywhere in the city of London. As such, transportation options in the area are certainly important pieces of knowledge of which to be aware. A private car or minibus hire is one of the most worry free ways to satisfy the transportation needs of you or your entire travel party. Minibus Hire in London is a reputable company that offers an impressive range of options to accommodate most any size travel party. Solo travelers, small groups, and families can take advantage of the company’s car hire services. Larger groups can utilize the minibus hire service, offering minibuses to accommodate various group sizes of up to 33. For larger groups, the company offers a 49 passenger motor coach. Minibus Hire in London drivers operate on Cannon Street and throughout London 24 hours a day.