Chislehurst Minibus Hire | BR7 Coach Hire

Chislehurst Minibus Hire | BR7 Coach Hire

Chiselhurst is a beautiful, suburban district in South East London. It is part of the borough of Bromley, and it is a fairly affluent section of London. There are multiple shops and points of interest to visit here, so it would definitely be best to get Chislehurst minibus hire with driver service in order to minimize your travel times between destinations. We offer the utmost quality of minibus service for twenty-four hours every day of the week. The other minibus competitors cannot compete with our quality service and professionalism that our company embodies.Places To Visit:

1. Chiselhurst Caves ? A popular tourist attraction that consists of 35 km of man madetunnels that were used as an air raid shelter during World War II.Chislehurst Minibus hire can take Several live music events have taken place here by bands such as Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.

2. Scadbury Park ? A beautiful nature reserve that encompasses over 300 acres of woodland featuring a multitude of plants including Lily of The Valley which is very rare in London. First mentioned in the thirteenth century, it was home to Queen Elizabeth I?s spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham.

3. Derwent House ? The estate was purchased by William Willett. Built in 1899, it was designed by architect Edward Newton who was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. The estate is now home to the Chislehurst Golf Club. Chislehurst (BR7) Golf Club was formerly known as Camden Place and it was the home of famous British antiquarian William Camden.

4. South East London Green Chain (Green Chain Walk) ? Chislehurst is one of the starting points on the series of open spaces that lead to other destinations such as River Thames and Crystal Palace.

5. St Mary?s Roman Catholic Church ? Original burial place of Emperor Napoleon III.Famous Residents

1. Sir Francis Walsingham ? Famous spymaster to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. His house still stands today in Scadbury coach hire?Chislehurst is close by

2. William Hyde Wollaston ? Physicist and Chemist who discovered rhodium and palladium.

3. Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte ? The President of France from 1848 to 1852 and Emperor of the French from 1854 to 1870.

4. William Willett ? Architect and Builder who purchases the estate upon which the Derwent House was built and subsequent Chislehurst Golf Club

5. George Somers Leigh Clarke ? World famous architect from Chislehurst who is buried in St. Nicholas? Churchyard