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Crofton Park Minibus Hire | SE4 Coach Hire

Whether one wants to discover quintessential London suburban life or has business to conduct in the area, a trip to Crofton Park is in order. The neighborhoods of Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill and Brockley are included in the area, and residents have created a welcoming atmosphere for visitors and locals. While the community has grown from pastoral roots, some of the cosmopolitan characteristics of urban London can be seen in Crofton Park's modern shopping venues and delectable, ethnically inspired restaurants. The community is served by the Crofton Park rail station which also provides a convenient pick up and drop off point for visitors who want to comfortably take in the unique sights and sounds of Crofton Park's neighborhoods via a minibus hire with driver. Here are some examples of things to do and see in Crofton Park as well as the advantages of exploring them with the transportation experts at Minibus Hire in London.

Sight Seeing in Crofton Park

Although many of the community's early 19th century structures like the historic Brockley Hall country manor house and the original Brockley Jack pub have been replaced, other landmarks were constructed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries that serve to enrich the current culture and act as reminders of the past. Some of these places include the reconstructed Brockley Jack that was built in 1898 and the Edwardian styled Crofton Park Library which is a Carnegie Library that survived a great deal of damage during World War II.

Local Activities and Events of 2015-2016

Crofton Park visitors who are interested in more modern sights and activities can take in a stage play by talented local actors at the Brockley Jack Theatre that is located at the rear of the Brockley Jack pub. Additionally, the community hosts several annual events that are conveniently reached by Crofton minibus.

1. 29 May to 6 June - Brockley Max Festival features an outdoor gallery of music, arts and crafts.

2. 26 June to 5 July - Greenwich and Docklands International Festival has outdoor performing arts.

3. 4-6 July - Brockley Open Art Studios provides a sneak peak at both art and beautiful local homes.

Crofton Park's Cafes and Culinary Delights

Visitors to the Crofton Park community should not leave without sampling some of the best international fare in the region. For example, Bambur is an award winning, upscale Indian restaurant that features gourmet dishes served in a contemporary, modern art filled setting. Those who want traditional Italian dishes can visit La Querce. Visitors can go to Brockley's Rock for traditional British fare like fish and chips or take afternoon tea at Pat-a-Cakes.

Touring Crofton Park With Minibus Hire in London

All of these events, activities and landmarks can be experienced best by visitors when someone else is doing the driving. Many people choose Minibus Hire in London for their transportation needs because of the company's excellent service, experienced local drivers and convenient 24 hour operating times.