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Earls Court Minibus Hire | SW5 Coach Hire

The creative, eclectic vibe of the Earls Court community attracts visitors and locals from all over London. The community is centrally located, and until recently it was home to London's most famous exhibition and conference center. Currently, the well worn neighborhood is in the throws of gentrification, but visitors can still catch glimpses of the unpretentious character of the area through its reasonably priced cafes, live local entertainment and several patches of lovely green spaces where one can escape from chaotic city routines. Here are some examples of popular neighborhood attractions and reasons to visit by comfortable Earls Court minibus.

Earls Court Activities and Concerts

One of the most popular destinations in Earls Court which is serviced by Minibus Hire in London is the Finborough Theatre. The small, 50 seat venue features a variety of musicals and plays produced by local actors. Visitors can also reach Earls Court Village by an Earls Court minibus hire where Victorian era architecture and well appointed gardens prevail. Admirers of the late Princess of Wales can schedule a minibus trip to the flat on Coleherne Court that she shared with three other people just before her marriage. The popular princess obviously valued the neighborhood's low key atmosphere as she once stated that the time spent there was among the happiest periods in her life.

Eateries at Earls Court

Dining establishments in Earls Court are not particularly known for gourmet culinary delights, but they are known for hosting local artists that make for unforgettable customer experiences. Other restaurants differentiate themselves by offering mouth watering ethnic dishes or ultra healthy fare. Here are some places to visit by minibus hire with driver.

  • Troubadour cafe, art gallery and local music venue

  • Crussh Fit Food featuring superfood salads, fresh vegetable and fruit juice bar

  • Mohsen for budget friendly, home cooked Persian cuisine

Earls Court used to be a hub for a number of expatriates seeking a place in central London that provided low cost food and living options. The numerous, reasonably priced fish and chip, Indian and kebab shops that dot the neighborhood still reflect this reputation for frugality.

About Minibus Hire in London

Minibus Hire in London has many years of experience shuttling visitors and locals to and from points of interests in and around Earls Court. Their fleet of buses can accommodate both large and small groups 24 hours a day, and their experienced drivers make sure every one arrives at their destinations relaxed and ready to explore all that the neighborhood has to offer.