East Ham Minibus Hire | E6 Coach Hire

East Ham Minibus Hire | E6 Coach Hire

When stopping by East Ham call East Ham Minibus Hire to get around town. We offer transportation for four people up to 48 people in one vehicle. Whether you are planning a school trip for children, an employee day trip or planning to stay for the weekend or just overnight. Our drivers are experienced and trained drivers that will get you safely to your destination and back.

Area Restaurants

If you are looking for great restaurants in East Ham, you are in luck. Try Saravana Bhavan, a great Indian restaurant in East Ham. The Grill Restaurant serves American Cuisine, if that is your fancy. Chan?s Restaurant is a well-liked Chinese food stop. Alex?s Steak Kebab serves food with a Turkish flare. The Miller?s Well is strictly British. Call Coach Hire East Ham to get you to and from the area restaurants. Avoid the traffic issues and parking, by letting us do the driving. You can simply relax and enjoy the area. Call us to reserve your vehicle and driver.

Pubs and Clubs

For evening entertainment ask your Minibus Hire East Ham driver which of the pubs and clubs to visit. Your driver is familiar with the area and can guide you to the hopping spots. Try The Overdraft Tavern on High Street. It is a friendly pub serving a variety of beverages for your enjoyment. Miller?s Well is a great pub for dinner and drinks. It is located on Barking Drive. The Mm Club is also on Barking Drive. It offers a variety of music and beverages that most people really like. The Hammers got a top rating from recent visitors, so try them too. When out on the town for the night, let Minibus Hire be your transportation for the night. We will make sure you are in safely after a night of enjoyment.

Day Trips the Kids will Love

Traveling with kids, a great place to visit is Newham City Farm. It is a great place to relax and see the farm animals. Animals here include goats, rabbits, shire horses, llama, cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs and donkeys. Visitors learn and get involved with animal care and their welfare. There is a picnic area available on the farm. East Ham Minibus will pick you up and drop you off for the day. When you are ready to turn in for the night, we will drive you back to your hotel.