Hackney Minibus Hire | E8, E9 Coach Hire

Hackney Minibus Hire | E8, E9 Coach Hire

Getting Around the Hackney Area of London on a Minibus

If you're visiting London, everyone agrees that Hackney is a neighborhood you should be sure to hit. It is located in the northeastern side of the city, not too far from the center. This area gives a very quintessential "Londony" feel, so if you're only going to be in town for a few days, carve out some time for Hackney. While you're in the area there are a few attractions and events that you should be sure you make it to, and these include:

  • The Geffrye Museum

  • Transition Gallery

  • Merz Concert

When tourists come to London, they are often overwhelmed by how large the city and how hard it is to navigate. Because of this they unfortunately often spend way to much time with their heads in a map trying to figure out where they're going. It's easy to be way too fixated on making sure they don't get lost instead of focusing on taking in the magic of the city of London. To be sure you don't fall victim to that trap, hiring a minibus is a great option. If you're wondering what kinds of benefits you can expect to receive with Minibus Hire in London, here are a few:

1 - 24-hour service. We want to be sure that our customers feel that they are able to come and go through London at whatever time of the day that they please. If this means you want to get up at the crack of dawn or stay out into the wee hours of the night, either is fine with us.

2 - Lots of different vehicle sizes. It's important for us to be able to accommodate as many groups as we can, which is why we didn't want to just have one type of vehicle. Our fleet has cars that seat anywhere from 8 people to 72 people, which means no matter how many people you're with, we can help you out.

3 - Any number of pick up and drop off locations. Your driver is there to do whatever you need, so if you want to go to ten different places, they'll do as you please.

Our cheap minibuses have helped numerous locals and tourists get around London. If you are interested, call us at 020 30111228 or book online for a discount.