Hammersmith Minibus Hire | W6 Coach Hire

Hammersmith Minibus Hire | W6 Coach Hire

London, England certainly offers its visitors a bustling metropolis with an immense amount of locations to visit and events to experience. The eclectic, diverse population of the city of London insures that there is always something new to see and do for both locals and visitors alike. Because of this diversity, it is likely that travelers to and in London will find themselves wishing to go to locations all around the city. When this decision is made, an imminent decision following is the decision of which mode or modes of transportation to utilize. You and your travel party may, for example, hire a public cab. You may simply walk to your destination if it is within a manageable distance. You may otherwise opt for London's iconic public transportation system, signified by the red double decker bus above ground or the iconic tube of London's underground. An additional transportation option you or your group may not have considered is a private car or minibus hire, such as those offered by Minibus Hire in London.

Indeed, London offers its locals and its tourists several distinct neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods is the area of Hammersmith, located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in west London, nearly 7 kilometers west northwest of Charing Cross. Hammersmith offers Londoners a number of cultural points of interest. These attractions include:

  • Riverside Studios - a performance space, bar, and cafe; former home of BBC Studios

  • Lyric Hammersmith Theatre

  • Hammersmith Apollo - concert hall and theatre

  • The Dove - known as the smallest pub in the world; frequented by Ernest Hemingway and Graham Greene; its alley is the only remnant of the village of Hammersmith, the rest of which was destroyed in the 1930s

  • Furnival Gardens - a popular riverside park

  • West London Penguin Swimming and Water Polo Club

  • Polish Social and Cultural Center (POSK)

As you can see, Hammersmith is a cultural and recreational hub of London, and many people will inevitably wish to visit it when they visit London. To this end, transportation is an important consideration. Minibus Hire in London can handle your transportation needs with ease. With cars that can accommodate group sizes ranging from 1 to 49, Minibus Hire in London offers cars, minibuses of various capacities, and motor coaches. Its drivers operate around London 24 hours a day.