Hounslow Minibus Hire | TW3 Coach Hire

Hounslow Minibus Hire | TW3 Coach Hire

The next time you and your friends or family are planning on going out for an exciting event in Hounslow, allow Minibus Hire to get you there safely and comfortably. We'll provide you with your very own driver who is at your beckoned call 24 hours a day. We provide cheap minibus services that can hold parties of anywhere from 12 to 49 people.

To set up an appointment for one of our drives, simply give us a call with the date and times, and we'll be there.

Some of the events coming up in Hounslow West include:

1. Premiere: ?Agoraphobia? and Launch of the Young Filmmakers Competition July 13th ? The local young filmmakers are holding an event and would love your support. They've made a movie called "Agoraphobia", which is about an isolated teen who is bullied at school. The boy often goes to the wilderness in Hounslow, but he meets a mysterious girl who begins to change his life. If you want to see this film and support the community, we'd be happy to take you there.

2. LEGO Education Taster Session at Isleworth Library August 18th ? This is a great event for families to go to. When you get your tickets, you'll be provided with activity packages like StoryStarter, MoreToMaths, WeDo, and Machines and Mechanisms. You and your family will be able to work with trained LEGO staff members to show you how all of the fun gadgets work. This event is great for kids because of the educational value. They'll learn about computing, design and technology. The event is recommended for kids eight and older.

3. Hounslow Business Coaching Event August 31st ? Have you and your friends and family members been talking about starting your own business? Whether you're thinking about becoming a business owner or you're a new entrepreneur, this event can be highly beneficial. You'll be going to different sessions that will teach you how to make your business grow quickly. The best part about these workshops is that they're completely free.

4. Twickenham Rugby Parking World Cup - England vs Fiji September 18th ? If you and your friends are rugby fans, allow us to take you to the World Cup event. One of the benefits of allowing Minibus Hire to take you to the event is that the event has cheap fees for us to park there all day while you watch the game. This way, you won't have to worry about the traffic when you're leaving the event.