Northolt Minibus Hire | UB5 Coach Hire

Northolt Minibus Hire | UB5 Coach Hire

London, England is certainly an international destination for tourism, business, and leisure travel. Its dynamic, ever changing atmosphere makes it a center of cultural and economic progress. Because of the city's dynamic nature, travelers to and locals of London alike often find themselves traveling to locations and events in various distinct areas of the city of London. When an individual decides to travel to a specific location in London, a logical next decision to make will be the decision of which mode of transportation to utilize to get to a certain location. If a particular destination is within a feasible distance, you or your travel party may choose to simply walk to the destination. You may also choose to hire a public cab. Or, you may navigate London's public transportation system, characterized under the ground by London's iconic tube and above the ground by the famous double decker city buses. Another transportation option of which you and your travel party may not be aware is the option of a private car or minibus hire, offered by private companies such as Minibus Hire in London.

Indeed, because of London's unique tempo and diverse array of entertainment and educational options, travelers and locals will almost certainly find themselves in various areas of London. One such area in which you and your travel group may find yourselves is the area of Northolt. Located in the London Borough of Ealing, Northolt is 17.7 kilometers west north west of Charing Cross. Northolt is home to several landmarks and other locations of interest to both visitors to London and locals. These points of interest include:

  • Town clock tower - erected in 1937 to mark the coronation of George VI

  • Northala Fields - a public park extension of Northold Park and Greenford County Park, features conical hills built from the rubble of the first Wembley Stadium

  • Larkspur Rovers Football Club

  • Down Barns Moated Site - site of a medieval manor house; a scheduled ancient monument

As you can see, Northolt holds interest to those interested in sports, history, or general recreation. For your next trip to Northolt, Minibus Hire in London can provide you with transportation services in a seamless manor. With enough vehicles to accommodate groups of any size-from a 4 seater car to minibuses of various sizes to a 49 seat motor coach-Minibus Hire in London's drivers operate around the bustling metropolis of London 24 hours each day.