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Palmers Green Minibus Hire | N13 Coach Hire

Palmers Green N13 North London?

Palmers Green is located in suburban London Borough of Enfield. It is located about 12 km north of Charing Cross. Palmers Green garners distinction as being the location of the largest population of Cypriots outside of Cyprus. This has resulted in the area being called Little Cyprus and Palmers Greek with some degree of regularity. Palmers Green has a great deal to offer, both residents of Greater London as well as visitors to the city. A tremendous way of taking in all that Palmers Green has to offer is by taking advantage of a Palmers Green minibus hire. Groups of all types enjoy all that Palmers Green has to offer through this type of transport service. Places to See, Things to do at Palmers Green in 2015 ? 2016

Palmers Green is a vibrant environment with a wide range of destinations, venues and events, all of which can be made even more inviting to groups of all types through our minibus hire with driver service. Some of the more popular destinations, venues and events at Palmers Green include:

  • Palmers Green Shopping Centre at Green Lanes

Green Lanes is the high street in Palmers Greens and is lined with independent bistros, pubs and taverns as well as retail shops, particularly clothing stores. A perfect expedition along Green Lanes is possible with a minibus hire with driver service that can include anything from an enjoyable pub crawl to a full day along the street, featuring dining, shopping and adult libations at one or another of the relaxing pubs or taverns along the way.

  • Palmers Green Railway Station

Palmers Green Railway Station has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years. The historic point is now home to the weekly Sunday Farmer?s Market, with all of its healthy, delectable offerings. In addition, Palmers Green Railway Station also boosts the Waiting Rooms Caf?. The Waiting Rooms Caf? provides live jazz on Friday evenings, events that feature more than a few well known performers.

  • Broomfield Park

Although still a work in progress, Broomfield Park is another popular and highly regarded destination of choice at Palmers Green. Recently, the refurbished and iconic Conservatory in Broomfield Park has reopened. Broomfield House remains a point of interest, although its rehab has yet to commence. Broomfield Park is both a historic and a relaxing destination as part of a Palmers Green coach hire tour throughout Palmers Green.