Southgate Minibus Hire | N14 Coach Hire

Southgate Minibus Hire | N14 Coach Hire

When you-and, for that matter, the party with which you travel, if any-are exploring the exciting, diverse metropolis of London, England, you and your group must decide on the best modes of transportation around and through the dynamic city. You may hire a public taxi. You may opt for London's iconic public transportation system, taking the forms of the famous double decker buses or the London Underground tube. You may simply choose to walk to your destination if it is within a feasible distance. A fourth transpiration option of which you may not be aware is in the form of a private transportation car or minibus hire from a private company, such as Minibus Hire in London.

Indeed, one of the distinct areas of London to or from which you and your group may desire transportation is the area of Southgate. Southgate is located in northern London, mostly in the borough of Enfield, nearly 13 kilometers north of Charing Cross. There are many notable locations to visit in the Southgate area. Some of these attractions include:

  • Many former and currently existing pubs from the 18th century

  • Southgate Symphony Orchestra - an amateur orchestra with performances throughout the year

  • Southgate CC - a cricket club that plays on the Walker Ground

  • Southgate Hockey Club

  • Grovelands Park - training ground of Romans AFC football team

  • Southgate RFC and Southgate Cricket - teams also based in Walker Ground

As you can see, there are various things to do in Southgate when you and your travel party visit London. Take a step back in to history when you dine or enjoy a drink at a historic pub or at a restaurant on the site of a historic pub. Take in a performance from budding musicians at the Southgate Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy a sporting event with the cricket, hockey, football, and rugby teams based in Southgate.

Regardless of the reasons for visiting Southgate, you will certainly need transportation to and from the area. One worry free option for transportation is private hire. Minibus Hire in London offers several transportation options to fit the needs of one or several travelers. They offer diverse sizes of vehicles ranging from a 4 seat car to an SUV to minibuses with various seating capacities to a 49 seat motor coach. Operating 24 hours a day all over the city, Minibus Hire in London is an excellent option for transportation to and from Southgate and beyond.