Stamford Hill Minibus Hire | N16 Coach Hire

Stamford Hill Minibus Hire | N16 Coach Hire

When you are traveling in the exciting city of London, England, whether alone or with a travel party of any size, you are exposed to a bustling metropolis that is ever changing, diverse, and eclectic. Because of London's diversity, its guests and locals alike will inevitably travel to several distinct areas in the city for both business and pleasure. Because London is a large city with many attractions some distance away from each other, modes of transportation apart from walking are often necessary. Indeed, travelers must choose from among several transportation options in London. They may opt to hire a public cab. They may choose to navigate London's iconic public transportation system, either in the form of the above ground double decker bus or the famous underground London tube. A third mode of transportation that may be of interest to both solo travelers and parties of various sizes is a private car or minibus hire, such as those offered by Minibus Hire in London.

One area of London that travelers and locals to the city may find themselves exploring is the area of Stamford Hill. Located in northern London nearly 9 kilometers north north east of Charing Cross, Stamford Hill is in the London Borough of Hackney. Stamford Hill offers its visitors several important historical and cultural landmarks to visit, including famous Jewish synagogues.

To be sure, Stamford Hill is known for its thriving community of very Orthodox Jews. Communities adhering to several sects of Judaism have called Stamford Hill home since the nineteenth century. Stamford Hill is also home to St. Ignatius' College, the alma mater of Alfred Hitchcock.

Stamford Hill, then, has a rich cultural history. It remains home to a people whose ancestors developed the community decades ago. St. Ignatius' College also holds some interest for movie buffs and film historians.

When you or your group decides to travel to Stamford Hill when you visit London, Minibus Hire in London has the private transportation hire services to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your group. Indeed, Minibus Hire in London's hire options include:

  • A 4 seater car

  • A 7 seat MPV

  • Minibuses with seating for up to 8, 12, 14, 16, 24, or 33 passengers

  • A motor coach with seating for up to 49 passengers

The drivers Minibus Hire in London can transport you and your group all over London 24 hours a day.